Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Week: The Story So Far

On Monday Danny had his adenoids removed. True to form, he bounced back from the surgery and was up and about the same day, with the only sign that he had been through anything his willingness to go to sleep at bedtime. Karen took that day off and I had to hear all about it from messages at work.

On Tuesday, Danny had to stay home. Rather than have Karen miss a day, I worked a half day so that she could go to work, from 2:00 to closing, getting home around midnight. Yeesh! Wouldn't you know, on the way home the front blower motor for the heater stopped working. So the only thing adding heat to the car was the rear blower. Not very effective on a frigid day. But we got everyone home where it's . . . well, drafty, actually, but everyone's bedrooms are nice and cozy.

On Wednesday, everyone stayed home. We don't even know how much snow fell, because the snow was so cold and dry, and the winds so fierce, that the landscape is nothing but drifts and pockets of fine powdery snow. But the 16-inch log standing upright in my front yard is almost completely buried.

Today I was supposed to go to court to sit on the Grand Jury, but without heat and with snow still blowing across the road, it really wasn't safe to drive all the way down to Dover. So I begged off in order to get my car fixed, and as a side benefit to work on my snow plow, which has a broken hydraulic hose. The hose is still not fixed, but I disconnected it so that fluid wouldn't be leaking, topped off the fluid, and managed to get the lifting ram working so that I could do some plowing, if inelegantly with a plow that always slants toward the driver's side.

Once I get the hose fixed, I'll groom the driveway and make up for the mess I made of it. But at least we can get out now.

Oh, and Karen and I both got haircuts today. Photos of Karen's new look will follow soon.

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