Thursday, May 31, 2007


During the past weekend I played at being a plumber. The mixing valve on the downstairs shower started leaking into the wall. Karen opened up the wall (kind of frightening how good she is at destruction) and I figured out how to fix it. Unfortunately, it involves me soldering pipes, which I had never done. Oh, goody, another skill.

Karen bought a new valve. Not an exact replacement (very hard to find) but something that would work and cover the old holes in the shower enclosure. I assembled all of the pieces out on the back deck so that I wouldn't have to do much soldering near the plastic shower wall.

How did it turn out? I don't know yet! I used the old riser, and when I went to remove the pipe that holds the shower head, it sheared off. So I had to remove that and buy a new one; I haven't had a chance to get back to the project since, though I will tomorrow or Saturday.

Meanwhile, another project is going on at the property next door: a septic is being installed. Not only is it the first big step in the construction of our new house, but the digging and clearing they've had to do makes the property look so much more house-friendly. And the boys are very excited to see a backhoe right out their window!

My other two projects are much more within my comfort zone. I'm directing a short play at the Village Players, which is now in rehearsal and slated to open August 24th (and close August 25th). And I'll be getting on the stage to sing and play my guitar at the theater company's annual talent show/meeting/potluck.

But with a new house to build, the theater is probably the only place I'll be in my comfort zone for the rest of the summer.

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