Monday, December 22, 2008

Mountains of White

From Friday night through all of Saturday, and again on Sunday, an amazing amount of dry, powdery snow fell. It was like being in one of the ski resort towns in the high mountains of California. When we awoke this morning, more than two feet of snow was sitting atop our cars and, unfortunately, the driveway they are parked on.

I spent a couple of hours Saturday shoveling off the driveway, only to have it comepletely buried by today. So far I have only managed to cut a path to the top of the drive, where Karen is keeping her car, and to dig out around Tom's car (with help from Tom) which is parked in front of the new house, where it got buried by the town plow trucks.

Except for the what the plows leave, most of the snow is very light. But that's hardly a comfort when there's so much of it that you can't find room to put it.

On the other hand, I don't have to wonder much about what I'll be doing tomorrow. And the next day.

On Sunday, on the other hand, while things were getting very white outside, they were also getting very white inside the boys' bedroom in the new house as we spent the afternoon priming the sheetrock. We're going to stop at priming until we move in, and then do one room at a time until we are done.

Right now it's late, and I have to save up some energy for shoveling and looking after vacationing children tomorrow. Good night.

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