Saturday, January 29, 2011

Derby Day

Well, it's all done. Karen and I are trying to relax while the boys play outside and work off some of the energy they got from the Pinewood Derby.

Danny didn't win any trophies this year, and I'm glad to see he's not too broken up about it. I said yesterday that the most important thing was for the scouts to have fun, and they certainly did. They also created many amazing cars. There was a Duracell battery. There was a coffin with a skeleton. A school bus. And even a large purple hippopotamus. That last was not only an exceptionally cool creation, but speedy as well; it won third place overall.

Big surprise for us was William's car, which placed first in his rank. That means that, for the second year in a row, William qualifies for the district races. It never ceases to amaze me when, poor carpenter that I am, I help one of my boys create something that actually works. I hope it doesn't raise Karen's hopes for my work in the house. Sigh.

Looks like the weather will be treating us better for awhile; some cold days ahead, but nothing like we saw last week, and not a lot of snow, which is good because I haven't really caught up with the snow that's already on the ground.

Only about a third of the way through winter and I'm already looking forward to spring.

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