Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Floor

Thomas and I went off to Somersworth today to find the lumber for the floor of Karen's trailer. We had to go that far because, in order to keep the weight of the trailer down, she wanted to used 1/2-inch plywood, but she wanted to use hardwood for a good finish and durability.

Unfortunately, our local lumber dealers wanted a fortune for the 1/2-inch, and our more local big-box hardware store only had 1/4-inch (which she'll be using for the roof, since it has to curve) and 3/4-inch (which is just too heavy).

So off to Somersworth we went. But for our troubles, we came home with two sheets of plywood that will soon be the floor and under-floor storage compartments for the trailer.

Oh, and we got to treat ourselves to lunch at Taco Bell.

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