Friday, April 11, 2014

The One Day...

Usually I check the site every morning, using my iPhone, before I put the boys on the bus. But yesterday, I had left the phone in Tom's car after a touch-up rehearsal at the theater. And so, by the time I had retrieved the phone, I had forgotten to check the site. And, of course, it was broken.

For some reason, the picture that went with the caption didn't get uploaded, although the pictures following it did (I'll reprise the picture in a few days so that you can see it). To make matters more annoying, my new blog entry broke the formatting of the site. I won't go into the technical details, but sometimes bloggers throws in a few extra commands for no readily apparent reason, and they interfere with my commands.

I should come up with some clever software solution to the problem, including something that emails me to warn me when the daily picture is too old. But then something else would come up that I didn't expect.

So I think staying in the habit of checking the site daily is a better idea.

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