Sunday, March 29, 2015

Boys Away!

Both of the boys were away last night, William at an overnight birthday party and Daniel at a cold-weather camping trip with the Scouts. It should have been a romantic evening for two at the Brooks house, but naturally Karen and I both have colds.

Nothing major, in fact mostly going away already, but it did put a crimp on the evening, which consisted mostly of sitting and watching TV and going to bed fairly early. But it was nice to have the quiet house in the morning.

William stayed at the Windrifter with his friend Matt and a couple of other boys, where they got to swim in the pool, play video games together, and watch movies until fairly late at night. Danny, on the other hand, got to sleep in a cold tent and change his socks three times because they kept getting wet. But he had a good time anyway.

The campout was supposed to be near one of the local ski areas, in a place that's less than four miles from our house in a straight line, but more than 15 miles away by any drivable road. But we got a bit more snow and colder temperatures than had been predicted when the event had been planned, so the troop moved to one of the leader's homes.

Unfortunately, the email telling me that got caught in my spam filter, and I ended up driving around trying to figure out what was going on. Fortunately, the Scout leaders had also sent Karen and email, and I was able to get the information from that. Made for an exhausting morning.

Today, after we picked up Danny at camp, we went over the the Windrifter so that Danny could get a chance to swim, too, in the nice warm water in the nice warm pool house, with a nice hot shower and a good meal afterward.

It was definitely the perfect ending to the trip.

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