Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just an Update

Various members of the family have been a bit under the weather. Although I have to admit that the weather they are under is much milder than is normal for this time of year. Today started rainy, ended sunny, and had me shedding my coat on the way out to the car as I left work.

Karen is among the ill, and the timing is not so good; her store is undergoing mass receiving this week and half of next. It sound like some terrible disease (or something you might do in the state to our immediate south), but it's actually the process of taking a completely empty store and stocking it for the grand opening later this month. Yesterday Karen was actually putting up cabinets (since she's in the kitchen department). I'm not sure what she was doing today.

You'll be able to catch a glimpse of Karen's new store during its construction phase in the next gallery I'm assembling. And I'm going to put together some of the stills from my theatrical exploits from 2006. Those should both be up before the weekend is over.

Karen and Thomas now have blogs, but they don't show up on the menu yet because they have no entries. I don't know if Karen will get the chance at all until the 18th, but I'll twist Tom's arm and get him to start his blogging within the next day or two.

Meanwhile, I'm off to bed in just a few minutes here. Work, alas, still calls at an early hour.

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