Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Journey South

Blogging from New Jersey, using Karen's computer because mine, with its older wireless card, cannot connect to Alan and Sharon's wireless network. It's a bit of an adaptation, and I apologize to anyone who saw yesterday's picture without its caption, a technical glitch I won't bore you with.

We went down to Adventure Aquarium in Camden. The weather was quite nasty when we started, with lightning bolts directly overhead. But down in Camden it stayed nice the whole time we were there, and although we were inside most of the time, we were able to get outside for lunch and to see the seals and penguins. The kids even got a chance to play outside a little when we got back to Stewartsville.

I spent a lot of my lunchtime looking across the river at Philadelphia with it's spectacular skyline and amazing history. I don't live so far away, but I have never come for a visit. I could say the same for Boston, only two hours away; I have hardly seen the place. I need to get around more.

At any rate, the kids had a good time at the Aquarium, and I'm pretty tired out. The late hour is because I've been working on updating Karen's computer, something I can't do on my dial-up connection at home, and something I never have time to do at the local library. So it's worth losing a little sleep to get it done here.

But it really is time for bed; Karen has fallen asleep in front of The Olympics (swimming, I think) and I have to get her safely to our room, where the boys are already sound asleep. In the morning we head for home, and there is a lot to do after we get there.

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