Monday, October 06, 2008

We Just Keep Going

Daniel has an interesting way with words, an an amazing imagination. Last week he told the teacher in his daycare classroom that he thought they should change the nickname of the room from "The Snowy Owls" to "The Snowy Pouncing Kittens of Doom."

We laughed about that for days. I think perhaps I should start a new section of the Web site called "Dannyisms." What do you think?

Not that it's going to happen very soon. Things are, well, just a little busy at the moment. Let's take the last two days. Yesterday we had a showing of the old house to a potential buyer, and so we spent Saturday night and yesterday morning getting the house prepared, not only cleaning, but trying to catch up on a couple of repair jobs.

After the showing we worked in the new house moving things out of the way for the arrival of sheetrock this morning. Until dinner time, after which I was off to rehearsal. Dancing this time, just what I needed after moving heavy boxes around all day. All well, the show must go on.

And the madness. This morning, I drove Thomas off to see a car, which we took to our mechanic to check over. Unfortunately, the mechanic found too many problems with the car, and so Tom won't be buying that one. Back to square one.

And back home to 70 sheets of sheetrock in our driveway, waiting to be taken into the house. That's where the teenagers come in! They took the sheetrock into the house while I made a minor modification to our stairwell wall. When they were done, I started hanging the sheetrock. I think I'll know what I'm doing by the time I'm done.

Inbetween all of this, of course, are the myriad little chores that are part of being an adult with children--daycare, homework, meals, bills, and the like. Sleep. Maybe. Kind of hard to sleep sometimes; my mind is racing much of the time. A combination of having too many things on my plate and not actually knowing how to do a lot of them.

But for the most part, I'm figuring it out.

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