Monday, July 05, 2010

Long, Hot Weekend

Last week Karen and the boys had a chance to go camping at Hamonassett Beach in Connecticut. Having work on Friday and rehearsal on Sunday, I was only able to join them for the day on Saturday, and not much of that since the round trip involved about ten hours of driving. But I had fun fishing with Danny and William and had a wonderful dinner at Fish Tales, which I think is in Madison. Pictures, unedited as of this writing, are on a new Picasaweb Gallery, which can be found from the link on the left of the main page.

This past weekend was, of course, Independence Day weekend.  Saturday was spent doing what is often done on summer weekends: taking care of the house. In this case, I was assembling our new weed trimmer (I've given up gas for electric; less power but also less noise and hassle) and trimming the weeds in the back yard.

William and I also managed to get on on the kayaks while Karen and Danny did some swimming.

Sunday was not only Independence Day but parade day in Wolfeboro. The Children's Center fielded this float, which William and Daniel rode on. Dear old Dad walked behind, taking pictures and keeping an eye on children, and not realizing just what horrible shape my body is in. The walk was only a mile and a half, but that far on the pavement gave me some charming aches in the legs this morning.

Today is a family day, although I do have some work to do on my car, which is overheating, and our grill, which has never actually been used. We had some trouble with it when we bought it and never managed to get it working before the move. But today's the day. There I go being the handyman again!

Karen and the boys went to sign up for swimming lessons this morning--for the boys, that is, Karen swims just fine--leaving me some time for this and for posting pictures. They'll be back soon, though, so I had better get back to work!

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