Monday, September 08, 2014

Adventures In Camping

This past weekend, we went camping with a wonderful group of trailer enthusiasts in nearby Milton. Our trailer is not ready for camping yet, so we were still in a tent. Which got interesting when it started to rain. Pour, actually.

It would have been fine, but the rain fly came loose and water started coming in the top vents of the tent. Someone ran over to the pavilion, where Karen and William were preparing our contribution to the potluck, and told me that the tent was taking on water. I ran out into the rain to see what was going on. I managed to do a temporary fix to the fly, then went into the tent to take out anything that was still dry and put it in the car. Karen came over a couple of minutes later and did a better fix for the fly so that we wouldn’t get any more water in the tent.

Fortunately, the camp has a laundromat with large-capacity dryers, and we were able to dry out the sleeping bags and some of our clothing.

We managed to set things back up so that we could sleep in the tent on the last night, but it took us quite a while to strike camp the next morning, drying layer after layer of tent pieces as we went. But we managed to leave before check-out.

Aside from the adventure with the tent, though, it was a very enjoyable campout. Lots of singing around the fire, a couple of side-trips to places we don’t get to very often, and lots of space to run and play for the boys. We’ll be back next year. But I won’t be disappointed if the rain decides to stay away.

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