Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumn's Almost Here

You can tell that Summer is coming to an end. It's not just that the kids are back in school, or that the nights have turned decidedly chilly. It's not even that the days are noticeably shorter. What really cinches it, is that nearly everyone in the house is sick.

Danny just went back to school today after two days off. Ever generous, Danny shared his virus with Karen, who still had to go to work, but no happily. Thomas is beginning to feel the first symptoms, but maybe having today off work will have saved him from the worst of it. William had some other malady that brought him home early from school for two days, but in typical William style, he's shaken it off in time to go camping with his class tomorrow.

I'm not sure about me. Just when I'm feeling that little tickle in the throat and a couple of snuffles, and I've resigned myself to the inevitable, the symptoms just sort of fade away, and I'm left wondering whether it's nothing more than a change in the weather. Perhaps I shouldn't speak too soon, though.

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