Monday, April 03, 2017

April Fool's!

It's not me fooling you, it's nature fooling us with another winter storm in the Spring. More than a foot of new snow just as we had gotten down to bare ground in the driveway. Now the tall piles are even higher, and we are seriously considering periscopes on the cars to help us get onto the road.

And we're expecting another annoying storm tomorrow.

But this is New Hampshire. Complain as we will (and we will), we're really pretty much used to it. I am disappointed, though, because my under-construction back deck was almost clear, and I was thinking that I might be getting a chance to finish it this month. Now I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile we are chugging away with work, school, sports, and—when we get the chance—having fun.

With the changing season (even if it is not changing fast enough) comes other changes, too, which I will be talking about as they happen. Don't worry, though; they are good changes.

Changing, too, will be the website. Nothing radical. New portraits, probably some new colors, and a way to display more pictures without bogging down your computer. I've almost got it worked out.

The galley concept is probably going to change, too. I am finding Google Photos more annoying than useful, and I have a lot of storage available on my own server. So I am probably going to come up with something that's more like our own front page, but easier to update. I'm not exactly sure what the shape of it all will be, but I'll be experimenting into the summer until I find something that I like.

You'll see the changes, little by little, as long as you keep coming back. We'll see you here.

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