Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moving Out, Moving In

Thomas and Erin have found an apartment, where they spent their first night last night after a rather grueling move. It wasn't supposed to be quite so grueling, but miscommunication piled upon miscommunication and, well, it's long story not worth telling save to say that a lot of extra driving was involved.

They aren't completely settled in. For one thing, they don't have Internet service yet, and Erin relies on it to do her homework, so they will be spending some time hanging around with us for a few days so that she can get her assignments done. I think we're okay with that.

The apartment is a cute little space in a four-plex in Rochester, a much easier commute for both Tom and Erin, and close to a lot of fun places to eat and things to do. I think they will be very happy with it.

And now I have to go. We're having Easter dinner for everyone, and I'm responsible for roasting the lamb. And for some reason, I'm not moving very fast today.

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