Friday, February 22, 2008


As you can tell, I've been playing around. The background image on the blog is not neccessarily what I'm going to settle on, but the method I use to put it in might get me the final look. Expect changes as I have time.

Not a lot of that, I admit, especially given the weather. Snow again today. Not much. but it all adds up. And piles up.

The slab for the basement was finally poured today. Not the contractor's fault that it took this long; weather delayed the inspection of the underground plumbing. I haven't even seen the floor yet, nor do I know when I can walk on it. But I'll lean in and take a picture tomorrow. And now that the floor is in, we will soon have framing and temporary stairs from the basement to the main floor.

Meanwhile, my legs and feet are a mess tonight. Normally I work at a desk, but this week I was the department helper (which we do on rotation); I walked around gathering work and getting it ready for the next department. On my feet all day long.

And last night I loaded some of our temporary kitchen cabinets into the van. and then Karen and Thomas and I put them in the new house. Unfortunately, the only practical way into the house right now is from the back basement door, which is down a snowy slope, through the door onto gravel (at least it was gravel last night), and up a ladder, which is all kinds of fun carrying a wall cabinet. Five. actually. And the temperature outside was 14 degrees, and probably pretty much the same inside. Crazy.

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