Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daniel's Party, Finally

It took us awhile to arrange Daniel's annual trek to Chuck E. Cheese's to have his birthday party with his friends, but we finally managed it yesterday. At first we didn't think we'd get in because the place was so crowded, but we made it even with more than ten children. The kids all had a good time, and the adults managed to squeeze in a little time for talk. The party lasted almost three hours, and the four of us were there for more than four hours.

Before the party, we went to see Disney's re-rentry into traditional animation, The Frog Princess. We all enjoyed it, and although Karen and I, in our usual shop-talk, could find things to fault, we felt it was a good start. We hope to see much more traditional animation coming out of the studio in the future. Maybe Karen would even be able to get back into the industry.

Notice the picture above. I'm trying to take advantage of a new feature in the land of Google that automatically makes pictures I post to Blogger blogs available in PicasaWeb albums. That will add to the number of pictures I make available to you, though it means we have to take even more pictures, which you may have noticed I have been a bit behind on of late. But I keep trying.

Another feature coming soon to the site is a page for sending any one of us email without my publishing our emails addresses on the site, which is a sure way to collect unsolicited emails from automatic address collection programs. Somehow I don't want my two young boys getting sent emails advertising Viagra, or products of even less interest to grade-school boys.

I'm also thinking of setting up a forum using Google Groups that would be by invitation only as a way for friends and family to communicate online. Almost like a Facebook for just our little group.

Right now I have some chores to do. It's trash day (we have no pick up and I have to take the trash to the dump), and I'm trying to get one of our computers connected to the Internet and a hard-wired phone to the upstairs studio.

So I'd better get to work!

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