Saturday, May 31, 2014

Getting Ready For Summer

On my last post, I was talking about Spring cleaning, even though Spring had been with us for a full two of its three months by then. But that was about the weather, not the calendar.

Summer is more about the calendar, because two days after the arrival of Summer on the calendar comes the boys' vacation. There's swimming lessons to sign up for, and planning for Karen's vacation time, and more planning for how I'm going to get my work done while they're home.

It's especially important now, because I'm beginning to get some paying work from home. I've been picking up the odd voiceover job here and there, and since I'm in front of the microphone anyway, I decided to put offers up on the Website know as Fiverr.

Fiverr lets me offer my service for a mere five dollars, which doesn't sound like much. But since I'm already sitting at the mic talking, doing a minute of narration for someone, including editing and sending it, takes only a few minutes. Even with Fiverr's 20% fee, the hourly rate actually comes out better than my other jobs.

And since I've been in front of the camera against my green screen to do my own projects, I've offered to do that for Fiverr as well, and had several people now pay me to appear onscreen for them. It's not as good a rate as the voiceover, since prepping the video takes more time, but it's still not bad.

But it's easier to do when the kids are in school. When they're on vacation, we'll be out and about more, and there will be things planned for home. So I'm going to have to keep a pretty strict schedule the rest of the time if I want to keep this going.

But I love a good challenge.

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