Friday, February 19, 2010

Son Of The Weather Roller Coaster

On Wednesday, home from work because I wasn't feeling well, we had enough snow that we all had to shovel. On Thursday, the sun was shining and the temperature got as high as the mid forties.

This morning there was another dusting of snow. Not enough to break out the shovel--or even the broom--for, but enough up this way to make me a little nervous about the condition of the road.

Despite a sunny, visible-shadow kind of day on Ground Hog Day, Spring seems to be coming early. There is at least some thawing after each snow, the temperatures are very mild, and there are lots of sunny days.

On the other hand, I though Spring was imminent at the end of our first Winter here, in 2002, when on the first official day of Spring a storm dropped about ten inches of snow on us. Maybe you can't fool Mother Nature, but she can sure pull a great practical joke on you!

Speaking of Winter, tomorrow marks the beginning of William and Daniel's Winter break. They have the entire week off of school. Unfortunately, neither Karen nor I have even one day off during the week, so the kids will be spending most of that time at the Children's Center.

But we will do what we can to spend time with the boys. This weekend they are going to help us set up shelves and poles in their closet, and Karen has some baking projects in mind that they'll enjoy. And since they don't have to worry about getting up for school the next day, I'll be able to do some fun stuff with them in the evenings when I get home from work. It'll be fun for them, though by the end of it I wouldn't be surprised if they are looking forward to going back to school! Still, I wish Karen and I could make our time off match theirs during the breaks. We could plan some outings all together and save some money on child care.

Maybe by next year, or even this summer, we will have figured out how to give oursselves a more flexible lifestyle.

It's something to shoot for, anyway.

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