Thursday, January 02, 2014

And Colder Still

The snow didn't delay the start of school, but it hastened its end, and the boys only had school for half a day. There was more snow than I expected, but it was lights and fluffy and my snowblower made easy work of it.

Unfortunately, the cold also make easy work of my hands, which were numb when I finished and in tremendous pain as they started to thaw. Shorter snow removal sessions tomorrow when the temperature is not expected to climb above seven degrees. As I write, it's bellow zero here.

The boys may not have school tomorrow, or maybe they'll get the delay they didn't get today. In any case, William's class will not have its usual hiking session tomorrow, with wind chills in the negative double-digits. Karen, unfortunately, will still be going to work early in the morning. But we'll be there to shovel her car out and get her on the road.

I just hope the town plows will do their part as well; I have not been very impressed with snow-removal efforts this year.

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