Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blogging In My Palm

I am blogging at work. At least, I'm writing my blog entry at work. We're not allowed to bring in laptops for security reasons, but personal digital assistants (PDAs) like my Palm Zire are okay. Yesterday during lunch, when I had left my script in the car, I started reviewing my calendar and it struck me: "Hey, I could do some writing!"

And so I did. Yesterday's blog entry was written on the Palm. It's not as fast as typing,but about as fast as writing by hand. But I don't have to re-type; I can transfer this text to my home computer, then copy and paste into the Blogger Web site. Handy! I'll be doing more writing this way.

William had a lot of fun at his basketball game last night. Who won? Who cares? I don't think anyone actually kept score. It really was all about getting out and playing.

Weather continues to be weird. Well above freezing when I left for work, with rain on the horizon. Not only do we have flood worries, as I mentioned yesterday, but roofs with too much snow may have to bear the extra weight of water and ice. What a winter!

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