Saturday, March 08, 2008

Long Day

I don't really get days off anymore. Not only is there always something that needs doing, but Karen is usually working on my days off NPC.

Today we attended a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, fun for the kids and I enjoyed talking to the other parents (though I was the only father there), but it's a very noisy and fairly exausting experience. We met Karen for dinner, which adds to the fatigue when two boys still charged up with birthday cake and adrenaline.

It's been pouring rain most of the day, which has produced surprisingly little snow melt, especially on the hard-packed ice of our driveway. Spring just can't come soon enough.

I hope you'll notice that the new banner is up, albeit about nine days late. Last month's banner has already joined the page of old banners; here today, archived tomorrow.

We'd like to send our love and best wishes to my father, current in the hospital. Although I know he doesn't use a computer, perhaps someone from my family in the area can mention that we sent him a message online.

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