Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Experiment

Today I am blogging via email, another feature of Blogger. What is the advantage? I'm not exactly sure yet. though I suspect it's a bit faster from my slow connection than loading the Blogger Web site. logging in, and waiting for the dashboard page and then the new post page and then the publishing page to load as well. This way it's as fast as sending an all-text email. And I can also use it on those rare occasions when I have email access but not Web access. I could even, in theory, post entries from my cell phone, though I don't see myself doing that anytime soon.

Another thing I don't see myself doing anytime soon is working outside the houses without slogging through deep snow. Although we are finally expecting to get a long run of thawing weather, including some rain (although I hope not much because much of inland New Hampshire could have real trouble with flooding and road washouts), we still have very large piles of snow and ice to melt away. I was looking out the front window of the new house and noticing that our piles of decking are still under the snow, and they are at least three feet high. The plow pile separating the front drive from the road is at least 18 inches higher than that, so we have a ways to go before we can even dig out for work and delivery trucks.

But I think we're going to make it alright. We don't have to have the house completely finished to get our occupancy, as long as we have insulation and heat and the necessary amenities in terms of electrical and plumbing, we'll be fine. Thomas will be living in a crudely-decorated house for awhile, but he'll have all he needs to get by until we return to finish up.

When we are trying to get ready to go, the trip to California seems all too close. On the other hand, when we are at work or shoveling snow, it seems like the day may never come. We have a lot to do in a relatively short time. But we can hardly wait.

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