Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Assembled the footage from the video Karen and I did today. Now I have to trim it down from about an hour to about three minutes. And then write and record narration. I think I can do that much tomorrow, although the incoming snow storm may slow things down a little.

We'll be okay as long as we don't lose power. The boys will likely be home from school, and there will be lots of snow to move throughout the day, but with an all-day storm like this there is no sense in doing substantial work until it starts to die down—or until someone needs to get their car out to go to work.

I also recorded a new song today, called "Bad News Always Comes In the Mail." It's posted here.

Danny had his last ever Cub Scout Pack Meeting tonight; after he does his crossover ceremony, he'll officially be a Boy Scout. It remains to be seen if he wants to continue with scouting; William decided not to after a year and a half of Boy Scouts, but part of the reason is that all of his friends had either left scouting or left the area.

Danny and William are very different boys anyway, so it could go either way.

I have to start getting ready for bed now; although I don't expect the boys to have school tomorrow, the weather predictions have missed the mark a few times this season, and so I have to be prepared for either situation.

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