Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday William!

Yesterday William turned five! Wow, when Thomas and I first moved here, ahead of Karen and William, Will hadn't even learned to walk yet. And now here he is at five, ready to take on the world.

William's birthday party is next week, but we had a nice family party last night with decorations and balloons and cake and ice cream. William got some very cool wooden toys from his Nana, which animate when you pull on the ends or twirl a ball suspended underneath from a string. He also got a couple of games for his Leap Pad and Leapster, and a video camera toy that hooks up to the TV and transmits picture and sound, and even had little Karaoke cartridges to sing along to.

Pictures should be added to the gallery this weekend, and perhaps some video from that new toy, if I can digitize it reliably.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Rocky Start

A new blog, and a new site design, which I am long overdue in posting. The last time the site was updated was for Mother's Day. Horrible, huh?

Now I am supposed to be moving. I don't know where. I don't know when. And, as of Friday, I don't even know if. But I have taken a week off to make the move, and I'm going to at least make the most of the time I won't spend processing passports and commuting to Portsmouth. Some of that time I will spend getting this site ready for more frequent updates. You can already see four picture galleries, and more will come as fast as I can create them, a much easier task using iPhoto's Web Export feature. And I hope to get Thomas and Karen in the land of blog before the end of October.

And I'm also going to get rid of a lot of old stuff I no longer use, and begin a daily habit of archiving things I do want to keep, but not in their current form. Like old records that would be fine as MP3 files, or my aritst's/filmmaker's morgue which would be better as an electronic database system. And even digital photos of some of the things I like to have around to look at, but don't want to move from place to place.

And I'm going to try to find a job closer to home. Maybe even one that pays better.