Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Coming Back Soon

My poor Mac Mini is not going to be back to working order anytime soon. It needs a new hard drive, and I have to install it myself. It's very time-consuming, once I've even found the right hard drive, and I don't have a lot of spare time right now, so it's going to take awhile.

For now, I have moved the files for the website over to the old Windows machine I inherited from William (when he bought Tom's), and I'm gathering the tools I need to process and upload pictures from that operating system. I should be posting new pictures for the new month.

I'll try to do some catch-up, too. We haven't taken a lot of pictures during January. It's been cold and snowy, and not having the tools to process the pictures has made it kind of hard to remember to take them, but there are some, and I will post those for you to see.

Meanwhile, we are all just going along, already looking forward to Spring, working, going to school, staying reasonably healthy. See you on the site.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Frozen New Year

This isn't the first time since I moved to New Hampshire that we've had a period of bitter cold to deal with. Not even the first time since we moved into our current house. But I don't remember having one this early for this long.

The one water line in the basement that freezes, not hard enough to split the PEX water pipes, but enough to block the feed to the basement sink and the water line to our refrigerator, usually does so sometime in February. But we're keeping a little electric heater turned on in the basement sink base right now to thaw it out. For the second time this season.

So, yeah, it's cold. If we're lucky, about a week from now, the weather will break and we will look forward to temperatures in the 20s. Meaning daytime highs in the 20s. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it does make a difference.

I know that I have been neglecting the blog and the site for more than a month. There have been computer problems, schedule problems, and some family issues to deal with, including losing our beloved Ambush to kidney disease and having Karen take a tumble on the stairs from which she is still recovering.

It will be at least a week or so before I can start posting pictures on the site again regularly, but I will begin doing so as soon as I have alternate computer resources (or have repaired the ones I normally use for the task). I'll try to be better about blogging, too. I don't expect the schedule to be much better this year (Karen and I are still on conflicting and unpredictable schedules, and William will be back at work this summer, possibly doing two jobs), but I'm going to try to develop better writing habits all around.

As usual, I have my plans and goals for the year to come. I'm sure that most of them will not turn out as I plan, but working toward them will get me closer than if I'd had no goals at all. 2017 had its good moments and some really terrible ones, which only serve to make 2018 seem like a good fresh start. A blank page, to be sure, that thing dreaded by writers the world over. But a blank page still promises to be something worthwhile if you just keep your fingers on the keyboard.

That's what I'm hoping for this year, even when the keyboard is only a metaphor for my musical instruments, my cameras, and my recording gear. When 2019 rolls around, you will, I hope, have an inkling of how I did.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best in this fresh new year, no matter the weather.