Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waiting for Summer

Okay, summer officially starts tomorrow, and summer vacation on Wednesday. But what we're really waiting for here in New Hampshire is summer weather.

With highs in the 70s today, this is about as close as we've been for awhile, and even at that we're anticipating rain starting tonight--and lasting nearly a week.

At least most of the work I'm doing is indoor work: the house, theater, passports--although, ironically, I'm actually writing this blog outdoors, on my Palm Zire at the park while Danny and William get what little dry outdoor activity they can. We went to the Friends Of the Library book sale before we came, which was disappointing in its selection, but perhaps because we arrived near the end of the day.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I plan to celebrate by, well, doing what I do most Sundays, while Karen works. I have a rehearsal that night, unfortunately pulling several Dads away from their kids as well. But the show must go on, in just over a month now.

Well, the sun is coming out, just as we're getting ready to leave for home.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Graduation

Today was graduation day at Kingswood High School. We went to watch Julia get her diploma, along with a few other young ladies that we know from child care and theater circles.

The weather cooperated nicely, sunny and warm but not uncomfortably hot, and a nice contrast to the abundance of rain we've been living with recently. It's also not what we are expecting tomorrow.

The sunny day gave the boys a chance to play in the water today, something they have had few cahnces to do, which is a shame because it is the last summer in which they will have their own beach, thought once we no longer own this house we still have access to the water, and there is a nice shallow beach on the south side of the pond.

The good weather also allowed me to get some outside work done on the house; I installed porch lights in the front and back of the first floor. Now the only outside electrical I need to do to pass inspection is the outlet off the walk-out basement. I'll also do the basement porch light just because it will make moving into the house easier, as a lot of it will probably happen after dark.

The house is still coming along slowly; it's hard to find the time for the things we are doing ourselves, and hard to find the money for those few things we cannot do, mostly involving plumbing. But there is progress being made every week, and it's just a matter of time.

Less vague is the coming of opening night for "Don't Drink the Water," which opens July 23rd, ready or not. I've got a great cast and a great crew, so we'll make it happen, but it sure seems to be coming up fast!

Also coming up fast is the beginning of summer vacation for William and Daniel, which really throws a monkey wrench into the whole schedule. Not mine, so much, but it will make Karen's mornings even more hectic then they already are.

Vacation is only eight weeks, however; the kids will be starting back to school earlier this year, as the schedule shifts back about two weeks; the kids will get out of school earlier next year.

Meanwhile we just keep taking it a day at a time, trying to move forward, settle into whatever the next phase in our family's life ends up being, giving a lot of love and trying to have a little fun along the way.