Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Technical Difficulties

I know that I am way behind on putting up pictures. Part of the reason is that we've been very busy doing things that are, for the most part, not very interesting visually. And often when something that is interesting happens, there isn't anyone with a hand free to wield a camera.

But the biggest problem is my computer. Not that it's broken or any such thing; it's just that I upgraded to a new operating system and some of the software that I use stopped working. As luck would have it, the software that stopped working (at least as far as I know, because there's lots I haven't tried recently) is the software I use to post pictures.

The program I use to upload pictures, it turns out, just needed its own update to work, and so I'm able to upload content. Editing the pictures is another matter. The program that used to make short work of that is not compatible with the new system, and may never be, since it hasn't been updated for about seven years. I'm trying out something else, but there's a bit of a learning curve. But I will muddle through.

In my last post, I beat myself up for taking so long between posts. This time I should be absolutely pummeling myself, since it's been even longer. During that time there was a trip to California for my Dad's funeral, the start of school, and, of course, more construction on the house.

Erin has moved in with us for the time being, as there was a time gap between the end of her lease and the start of her new job. Thomas and Erin will be looking for an apartment closer to where they both work, a long trek to the southeast, this spring.

We went camping, having put a new tongue extension on the trailer to replace the one that bent last year. Erin and Tom came along for one night of the two, and I got to try out my camp guitar in front of an audience. It performed well.

Speaking of camping, Danny went camping and hiking with his school group in September, had a great time, and helped out one of the seventh-graders who was having trouble with homesickness.

Both boys have been enjoying soccer, though the season is about to come to an end. The Knights haven't been winning, or even scoring to speak of, but the boys are having fun anyway.

Coming up for us, another camping trip, next-to-last for the season, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, and a play for me. I'm appearing as General Howell in the Village Players production of Kiss Me Kate.

And, of course, we are preparing for winter. We don't have any idea what's in store this year, but we'll be ready for it. If I can get the rock out of my snow thrower's impellers. Sigh.

And, just maybe, I'll write sooner so I don't have to beat myself up. Construction beats me up pretty well already. At least I was smart enough to take a non-dancing role in the musical this time.