Monday, June 13, 2016


I've heard of June gloom, but this is ridiculous. After the warmest winter on record, we are now having an unusually cold spring. Daniel is off today on his spring trip with the Vista group, hiking and camping in the White Mountains. They're going to be dealing with some cold wind up there. Fortunately, they are with an experienced team who's made sure that they are well prepared. And they'll be keeping warm from all the exercise, too.

Meanwhile at home, we're still looking after Sukkie, who's eating on her own now, with a little coaxing, but still not drinking. It could be that, with the fluids we're injecting into her, she's just not very thirsty. It's still our biggest concern, though.

Everyone else in the family is healthy. We're all getting ready for the upcoming summer, though we're not exactly sure what we have planned yet. It will certainly involve swimming, biking for the boys, nice long walks for Karen and me, and some camping, though not as much as last year because of Karen's schedule.

We're looking at buying another car, since Thomas is working full time and it's not practical for me to take Karen into work every day, but we want to be able to take the boys swimming regularly. We'll also need the car at the end of the summer for a couple of reasons: one is that Thomas may be moving out of the house then, and the other is that I'm going to try to go back into the work force.

I'm not making enough working at home to bring in the income we need, and the boys are old enough now to fend for themselves for a time after school, and to pitch in (however reluctantly) with the household chores that I do when I'm at home.

Not that I'm giving up on my writing or my songwriting. But, we have to be practical. I guess.

Meanwhile, we continue working on the house, our perpetual work in progress, with the deck nearly half finished (probably far more than half because I sort of know what I'm doing now), and some sprucing up in the basement and the upstairs bath. I'm pushing the limits of my skills, but so far it's worked out okay.

And I'm trying to take pictures too, of course, so that you can watch us as we go.