Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back To the Old Grind

Tuesday I will return to Measured Progress, perhaps the most boring, certainly the worst paying job I've had in a very long time. But it's just enough to hold our budget together—while it lasts. Meanwhile we are putting up another video, getting some people to come visit our site, and so a few sales here and there can't be far behind.

Spring has come early to New Hampshire. I say this with confidence in spite of the fact that we had an inch or so of fresh snow last night, because in truth that is a pretty typical Spring pattern around here. With a week of temperature in the 50s and 60s coming up this week, and some rain showers, and even some clear water showing on the shore of the pond, I think I can confidently say that the Winter is behind us. Until, of course, it is ahead of us again, but I have about seven months to worry about that.

William is officially no longer a Cub Scout, having received his Arrow of Light and crossed the ceremonial bridge to be welcomed by the Troop as a Boy Scout. His last official act as a Cub was to represent his Pack in the Pinewood Derby District Races. He and his fellow Pack members lost handily. But they had a good time and took it very well.

Danny graduates to the rank of Weblos this summer, which is convenient because he can inherit William's uniform shirt. The downside is that now their respective meetings are on the same night, at possibly overlapping times, and sometimes in different places. Makes life, uh, interesting.

Spring also brings the birth months of two of our family members: Thomas and, well, me. Birthdays are fun, and I don't actually mind growing older (and I won't balk at getting senior discounts at selected stores), but in New Hampshire it is also the time for the expense of registering cars and the nail-biting anticipation of annual inspections. When both of the cars on the spring schedule were made in the late 90s, there is always the questions of whether each car will be worth the cost of repairing it to the state's standards.

Ah, adventure.

Otherwise it is pretty much business as usual at The Brooks Bunch: work, school, and trying to figure out how to survive in whatever this new economy decides it's going to be.

And having some fun, with lots of love, along the way.