Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Month I Skipped

The blog just pretty much skipped the month of February. I'm sure that things were happening. Just nothing worth writing about. You see, I don't like repeating myself.

"Well, it snowed, and I had to go out with the shovels and the snowblower. And I'm still unemployed and looking. And it's still cold." You see what I mean? February around here is mostly a month lacking any kind of change.

March is a different story. We're already expecting a couple of days of rain, and although there might be more snow in the forecast, the temperature will be staying above freezing most of the days ahead. It's spring in New England, no doubt about it. And, "in the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to love," according to Lord Tennyson.

Well, I'm not a young man, and being married to Karen my thoughts turn to love on a daily basis year-round. My thoughts are turning to all the hours I'll be spending not shoveling snow, and the money I won't be spending on propane and extra gas to warm up the car.

My thoughts are turning to trying out my new camcorder (which isn't new, but something I picked on on eBay for less than I was able to sell my old 35mm still camera and lenses for), finally getting my computer back into shape with a new 320GB hard drive, and directing Almost, Maine at the Village players for the summer show.

I'm also thinking about construction projects, including Danny's room, ceilings in the basement, and back and front decks. Not that I'm exactly looking forward to doing those projects, but I am looking forward to getting them done.

And I'm looking forward to just being warm.