Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogger On Ice

Yesterday I took Thomas to the Dover Ice Arena, about forty minutes away, so that he could break in his new skates before the show on Tuesday. Thomas had a relaxing hour or so gliding around on his new skates. And Dad? He put on Tom's old skates (we're the same shoe size now--frightening, huh?) and got onto the ice himself.

And lived to tell about it! In fact, I didn't fall at all. At first my feet hurt terribly, but that was because I was wearing the wrong socks. Back on the ice with thinner socks, my feet felt much better, and by the time we were done, I was getting around pretty well. Not bad for an old guy!

This weekend we are cleaning up the house so that next weekend we can host a hoard of hungry teenagers for Thomas' birthday party. He's turning 16! Yikes! His actual birthday is Tuesday, which is also the day of the skating show, so we'll have a little family party at the local pizza house. And then we get invaded. If we survive, I will report.