Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Month!

It's been about a month since I last posted on this blog. Shame, shame, shame. But I have to admit to myself that it's been a busy, crazy month.

Since I last posted, I have held auditions for a play at the Village Players, turned 52, put a couple of thousand commuting miles on my poor old van, done not enough work on the new house and spent not enough time sleeping.

I know some people have tried to contact me recently, and I apologize for not keeping up. I have all I can do to take care of daily life and keep my cast up to date on their requirments, while working and building and trying to sell the old house. And driving. I spend way too much time driving.

Thomas has recently talked about moving to Concord to be close to where he wants to go to school. I think about that and, although I like my community and the house we're building, I miss being in a city, even one as tiny as Concord.

Did I say tiny? Isn't Concord the capitol of New Hampshire? Yes, but with about 50,000 people it is around the size of, say, Tulare, California. For someone from Los Angeles, that's tiny.

But it's still big enough to be close to employment, shopping, good restaurants, and theaters. We won't be moving to a place like Concord anytime soon, but if Thomas does I will be happy for him.

And a little bit envious.