Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some Changes Coming To Galleries

The folks at Google, who never seem to stand still, have starting making changes to the photo album site I use for our family galleries. They are essentially retiring Picasaweb, which is what I've used for about a decade to make past pictures available to you. They are replacing it with Google Photos. I'm not sure what this means yet.

I do know that everything I've posted to Picasaweb so far is already available on Google Photos, but the problem is that I'm not sure how to make it easy for you to see. The current Picture Of the Day gallery is just a click away, from the picture itself, but the other galleries are a little more complicated.

It seems also that some of my captions have gone missing, on both services. When I have a little time here and there, I will do my best to restore them. I hope I remember what the picture was. Hmm.

It may not matter that much; bigger changes are coming to the site this year. I'm aiming for a site that has some of the advantages (and, with luck, none of the disadvantages) of Pinterest, in the sense that older pictures and posts and news will migrate down the main page rather than disappear when new stuff comes along.

In order to avoid a page that takes forever to load, there will be a time limit on what appears on the front page, but some kind of button at the bottom will lead, I think, to another similar page of older news.

That's what I have in mind, anyway. Pulling it off is another matter altogether. The most important thing is to keep all of the pictures we've posted available so that you can find them in the future.

That will be a vitally important part of any design I come up with. I promise.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Site Neglected

I know that I've been really bad about pictures for the past week or so, and as I look out at my front yard I can see that the overall theme of the site is hopelessly out of date. But I've been a little under the weather.

Nothing too serious, and I should be in fine fettle soon, but it has made taking and posting pictures fall a little bit down the priority list, behind making sure everyone has what they need for school and work, and getting everyone fed. On that last score, William has been very helpful, whipping up some very creative and delicious meals.

And recovery has been a priority, too. But I'm nearly there, and I'll soon get to the task of bringing things up to date. Thinking of a new design, something that's easier to catch up on if you miss a few days here or there.

So, keep an eye here; fun things are coming.