Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blogging Away From Home

Thanks to my wireless connection, I can now update the blog from wherever I can find an open network to tap into. Usually this is at the Wolfeboro Library, but on this holiday weekend it is in the neighborhood of my brother-in-law Alan and his family.

We had a fine Thankgiving, seeing most of Karen's family, though John and Katherine are in Palm Springs for a field hockey event. Although the weather was very wet for the drive down, the last two it has been truly beautiful here in New Jersey, and we are expecting the same through tomorrow when we must, alas, return to the daily grind at home.

Karen's job is going well, although the hours will require some adjustments from the rest of the family. I am done with Forum, and I don't expect to be onstage for The Village Players again until next fall (though I am going to be directing a play in late summer, and volunteering backstage before that). So my schedule is a bit better than it was.

And we'll get into the swing of this soon. But for this weekend, we're just going to enjoy the company of our family and try to relax a bit.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Magic Night

Last night was the opening night of A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum, starring, well, me. It was a great night. Everyone did a terrific job, and the audience was wonderful, about a hundred people laughing in all the right places (and even at a few jokes we didn't expect anyone to get), and giving us many compliments afterward. It was an exhausting, exciting, exhilerating night, and I'm looking forward to doing it all over again tonight. And tomorrow. And next weekend. I just wish I could make a living doing it; it's a lot more fun than my day job!

WInter is approaching, but you would never know by the weather. It's been mild with occasional rain, and few freezing nights. Good for us, as we are currently able to heat the house with just our wood stove and some hardwood harvested from the property we have been intending to build a house on.

But that will have to wait. Our house hasn't sold, and with winter on the way the chance of getting a good price are very low. Karen is starting a new job, so it would appear that, for the time being, we are going to stay put. That's frustrating, but also a relief, because knowing that we are going to just stay here for awhile, we can move back in. For more than two years we've been living as if we were going to be moving, and it's been very hard on the children, having so many of their toys in storage, not being able to have pictures on the walls, and worrying more about how the house looks to a buyer than how comfortable it is to live in. While staying here would not be our first choice, I think it will make everybody happier. It occurred to us recently that, for as long as he can remember, Danny has been waiting to move. That's awfully tough for such a little guy.

So, at the end of our contract with the agency this month, the "For Sale" signs will go down, and we will begin in earnest making our house, once again, a home.