Saturday, April 02, 2011

March Madness and April Fools

Anyone who knows me knows that the title does not make any reference to the NCAA. It's just been a crazy month. A few days after my last entry, I got called to a job. Don't get excited, it's only temporary, and it pays some 35% less than my previous job.

The following weekend, just before I started work, William attended his second Pinewood Derby district race. Unfortunately, his car was just outclassed this year, and he didn't win a single race. Oh well.

That same evening was the Cub Scouts annual Cake Auction fundraiser. Danny helped us make a brownie pizza that raised $45 for the scouts, and William made a sand castle cake that fetched $55.

Then, a week after I started the job, Thomas turned 21. Wow! The weekend after we all traveled to New Jersey, where the weather was positively Spring-like, for a family celebration.

And yesterday, on April 1st, Mother Nature played a prank on us by dumping half a foot of wet snow on top of our previously bare patches of ground. The boys got another snow day, which they have to make up on what was left of their Spring break.

Spring is coming, all right. It just keeps getting distracted along the way.