Monday, March 30, 2009


Making a few tweaks to the site. I've been learning a lot about programming for the Web because I've gotten paid to do someone's site. It's a small step, but perhaps it can lead to a life of employment without commuting, which considering the state of my car is an entirely good thing.

The bigger pictures you get when you click from the main page now have a caption box that adjusts itself to the size of the caption. Now I don't have to worry about the length of the caption. And there is a button on the bottom to get you back to the home page.

This was just an interim version of the site anyway. I'm in the process of designing my professional site, and a lot of what I learn there will make its way into this site, not because this site isn't fun the way it is, but because I just can't leave well enough alone.

However the site changes, though, I promise it will continue to include photos of the family and a link to this blog. Because I know that, whatever fancy design theories I may implement, in the end it comes down to pictures and news.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Buzz

As the snow begins to disappear, leaving now mostly the big piles we created by shoveling except in those little corners where the sun only reaches for a short time each day, things are beginning to happen on several fronts.

The new house is getting closer to being finished to the point where we can move in. I think that we will be calling that house home about the time my birthday rolls around.

More people are coming to look at the old house, though that's been going on for so long now that it's not something that tends to bolster my hopes much. But I guess it's better than not having anyone come at all.

The play I'm appearing in opens in less than a week. We always get nervous around this time, feeling that we're just so far from ready and wishing we had another week--or two--to get it down, but we always make it fall into place somehow.

Very soon the auditions will start for the next play, but I won't be trying out for that one. I'll be directing! I'm a little nervous, but also very, very excited. The show opens the last week in July, which gives us about three months to get everything together.

I can't predict exactly what our summer will be like. But I don't think the word "boring" is going to apply.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Okay, officially it's still a couple of days off. But the snow is melting. the birds are singing, and I don't have to bundle the kids up in coats, gloves, hats, and scarves to wait for the bus in the morning. That means spring around here.

Of course. those of you in milder climates might disagree. After all, it's still well below freezing most nights, and we're not running around outside it T-shirts yet. At least most of us aren't (there are a few hardy souls around here that can even be seen in shorts). But for us it's a matter of contrast. Our overnight lows of, say, 25 degrees were, only a matter of weeks ago, our daytime highs. If we were lucky.

There is finally a snow-free path to the new house, a mixed blessing since we now have to slog through the mud instead of the snow, but it still bodes well for all of the outside work that must be done to get occupancy on the house. Not that much, really: a set of temporary steps in the front, a couple of outside lights and outlets, and some venting work and we're done.

At least as far as the outside is concerned. Still a lot of little things on the inside, but I'm knocking them out pretty much every day. I just finished cutting countertops for both kitchens and installing thermostats and lighting fixtures. I don't think it will be long.

Soon we won't be talking about the "new" house and the "old" house. Before the official start of summer, we'll just be talking about "the" house, the one we live in, the one we just finished building. Well, okay, the one we're still building, but the one we'll be building while we're living in it.