Friday, August 08, 2014

Curse Of the Blue Tongue

There it was again yesterday: Danny's blue tongue! Something about the 7th of the month lately that's got me missing a picture. Now I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and put a picture in the 7th slot so that I don't see the blue tongue again in September. Or perhaps I should leave the picture there, as a tradition of sorts ("The 7th day of each month will hereafter be known as Blue Tongue Day"). I could also just take my chances and see what happens next month, although I know that the 7th of September will find us camping, so if I don't take care of it ahead of time, Danny's blue tongue will put in its fourth appearance.

As you can see by the new pictures, we spent yesterday at York Beach, at the amusement park, at also at the park near the Nubble lighthouse. Because of the rain, no one actually got to go to the beach, but we did sit and watch the sunset at Nubble, and we found an ice cream place we hadn't been to before.

Today we went up to the Kancamagus Highway, between Conway and Lincoln. We weren't able to go to our usual swimming hole because the parking facility is under construction, so we continued on up the highway. And on and on until we got to a place called Otter Rocks. It was further than we expected, but the boys had fun splashing around in the icy water, and Karen managed to do another painting. I spent the time experimenting with the panoramic setting on my iPhone. I have to figure out the best way to show those pictures online, because some of them are very interesting.

We were so far away from the Conway end of the highway that we decided to go all the way to Lincoln and go home from there. That turned out to be the long way, I think, but we did discover yet another new ice cream place, and saw some parts of Holderness and Center Harbor that we hadn't seen before.

Tomorrow is lobster truck day. I get to stand in line waiting for lobster at $4.99 a pound outside the store where Tom works. When I get up to the truck, I tell them how many and they pluck them out of the tank and bag them for me to take inside the market where I pay for them. Since they are live lobster, we need to cook them the same day, so we'll take them home and boil them, then take the meat out. Some will get frozen, and some will get included in some scampi tomorrow night. The shells and some other parts get boiled down into stock to be used later for bisque and lobster macaroni and cheese. It's an all-day preparation event, pretty much.

The truck arrives pretty early, so I think we'd better be off to bed.