Saturday, April 14, 2007

Liar, Liar

The weather in this place has been lying viciously. This morning the sun came out, melting the wet, heavy snow from Thursday night and yesterday morning, leaving open water on the pond and clearing the more steeply-pitched roof sections. The driveway was even dry.

But tomorrow we are expecting two to four inches of soggy snow, followed on Monday morning by heavy rain. Sounds like a formula for an exciting commute.

Karen, I'm happy to day, will be able to avoid the worst of it since she has Monday off. It remains to be seen if William and Tom will have the day off school; I certainly wouldn't want to drive a bus in these conditions.

Tonight Thomas and I went to see the Village Players production of House Guest. It was something of a departure for the theater group, which does a lot of comedy. But they pulled it off in grand style. Quite a few of the VP members asked me when I am going to get back on the stage. The answer? Not until the fall. I'm set to direct two plays before then, and there's only one male role in the summer production, for which I am (for the time being at any rate) a bit young.

Meanwhile, there is another project that will be using up a lot of my time. We're going ahead with the new house, after all, and, yes, putting the current one on the market. Stay tuned for details, as the weather, eventually, cooperates.