Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Groundhog

Yeah, I know, Groundhog Day was a couple of weeks ago. If you were paying attention, you might know that, here in New Hampshire at least, the groundhog did not see his shadow. And the very next day, it rained.

Predictions of an early spring are always risky, and certainly nothing you want to count on, but after a bitter cold weekend, we're suddenly experiencing spring-like (for us) weather, with predictions for more of the same for at least the next two weeks.

It's almost enough to make you believe the myth.

Meanwhile, life at the Brooks Bunch house goes on. William did very well in his first semester of high school, with As and Bs for grades. In his second semester, two of his four classes are honors (and the other two don't offer honors: electricity and wood shop). Today he brought home his first project which was, no surprise, a birdhouse. But it's a really nicely-built birdhouse.

Daniel is enjoying being in the Vista program at the middle school, following in William's footsteps and looking forward every Friday to a hike.

Thomas has settled into to what is technically a temp job at a T-shirt printing facility in Dover, though he doesn't seem in any imminent danger of the job ending. It's tough work, on his feet all day, working ten hours a day for four days a week. But he likes having the weekends off (Karen is jealous), and the pay is better than he was getting at the grocery store.

Karen is still doing her time at Lowes, but she has some fun side projects lined up for the year to come, including doing a video on the making of those cute little houses we made for Christmas, and starting on new social media channel based on our plans for retiring to a smaller home. More on that when everything's in place.

I've released a new book called, oddly, The Earth Is Not Flat. It about an alarmingly large group of people on the Internet who insist that the world is, in fact, a flat disc. Strange bunch, and the research was actually quite disheartening. But I've sold a few copies and I'm moving on to other things.

And so it goes, and as long as it keeps going, I'll be going on about it here on the blog.